Jagoda Kršek, prof. CPE

Magistar kineziologije
Certified Professional Electrologist
Practitioner in Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up

Jagoda got her degree on Faculty of kinesiology in 1983.  She finished School for electrolysis and Permanent Make-Up in 1994.  American Electrology Association, AEA, established specific standards for this profession, including a certificate by the International Board of Electrology Certification IBEC-Princeton.  This is an elite group of electrologyists that have an international CPE title and who frequently test their knowledge according to the unsurpassed American standards. Jagoda is proud to be their member.  In 1998 she continued her education in order to become equipped to work with top American lasers, led by Dr. Berry Di Bernardo, NJ. She got a certificate that claims and confirms her ability to work with lasers.

She considers continuous education to be a basis of excellent service; therefore she is a recurrent participant in the congresses held in the US that are focused on laser epilation and electrolysis.  She applies her acquired knowledge in her Center for laser epilation and electrolysis FORMA.